Sarah Jeffrey Gray
“My interest is in the future because that’s where I’m going to spend the rest of my life.” Charles F Kettering

Solution Focused Counselling and Therapy

I have a wide range of experience in helping people to overcome many difficulties including:

A solution-focused approach concentrates on what you want to change in your life. Whilst this approach is forward-looking, rather than just getting the drains up on the past, there’s always as much time and space as you need to cover anything you want.

I offer reliable and practical help without "psychobabble", drawing on the latest research about how the mind works. I also draw on a wide range of techniques which have been established as the most effective for relieving emotional distress and behavioral difficulties so you can move on with your life as quickly as possible.

This approach, often known as enhanced CBT, is tailored to each person to give you your own toolbox for the future and can include, as appropriate, things such as relaxation/calming techniques, guided imagery, visualisation, thought records, mindfulness, learning helpful thinking and communication styles. The average number of sessions is between two and six and brief solution-focused counselling is therefore an affordable way of resolving difficulties. The skills involved can also be taught in training sessions for individuals and/or groups as a personal development resource outside the more traditional counselling/therapeutic context - please contact me for details.

Weekend appointments and (on Mondays only) evening appointments are available as well as advice by telephone or email.

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Qualifications: MA (Cantab) HG.Dip.P



Graduate Member of the Human Givens Institute

Member of the European Therapy Studies Institute